Founded in 2014, the Activities for Community Education in Science (ACES) Program is focused on designing experiments to show local kids that science can be fun! Our program serves grades 3-8.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the active scientific exploration of the young people in our local community. Our local community is incredibly important to us, and we understand that sometimes, science can seem boring to kids. We're here to help students see how fun and interesting science can be!

We aim to inspire future scientists!

What We've Achieved

Our pilot program in June 2014 had 20 registered students (grades 5-10), 25 graduate student volunteers, and six hands-on experiments for the kids.

Since then, we have focused our content on serving students in 3rd through 8th grade and we have had over 800 students participate in our program! We are constantly working to improve the ACES experience. Each ACES program features the following:we have

  • Six hands-on experiments

  • A lab notebook containing questions and observation sections about the day, as well as instructions for take-home versions of all the experiments

  • A streamlined online registration process

  • A certificate of participation for each student, with a skills list

  • Exciting introductory and wrap-up demonstrations

  • A participant survey, with a raffle for a chemistry set

  • A parent feedback survey

Each spring, we design all new experiments to continue exposing students to new and exciting fields of science. 

I want to go to college here now!
— Teresa, October 2014 Participant
My daughter attended the ACES session in October and recently announced that she wants a chemistry set for Christmas.
— Tracee, Mother of October 2014 Participant