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ACES Program - Fall 2017

The eighth ACES program will take place on October 21, 2017! Experiments will include:

  • "Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream" - a delicious Non-Newtonian fluid!
  • “My DNA Bracelet”- Students will explore the role of DNA and genetics in determining their physical traits and create their unique "DNA Bracelet".
  • “Wastewater Treatment and the Environment” - Students will learn how wastewater is treated to be reused and what environmental challenges exist in maintaining a safe water supply.
  • "Serie-ous Circuits" - Students will design and create a working electrical circuit using just a pencil and a piece of paper.
  • “Playing with Polymers”- Students will explore the science of polymers and understand how connecting long strands of molecules together can turn liquids into solid gels. Skills: polymer science, crosslinking, gelation
  • “Cooking with Science”- Students will learn the concept of emulsion by making salad dressing from the scratch.


Kids will take home a bag with the ACES logo, several souvenirs from the experiments, a Certificate of Participation (with a list of practiced skills), and a lab notebook containing activities and take-home instructions!

Exciting demonstrations will take place at the start and closing of the program. Snacks will be provided for both students and parents. Registration for this program opens on October 7, 2017! Register early to guarantee your spot!