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ACES Program - Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 ACES program will take place on Saturday October 13th, 2018! Experiments will include:

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream - An ultra-cold treat, ultra fast!

Extracting DNA from Spinach - Use detergents to separate DNA from blended spinach!

Chemiluminescence in the Kitchen - Use a chemical reaction to produce light!

Making Batteries with Food - Test different fruits to see which of them conduct electricity!

Chromatography of Colors - Use separation techniques to create a rainbow!

Goofy Putty - A fun activity with Dow chemists

Note that the experiments are the same as those from the string, but each student will be participating in opposite experiments from last time.

Kids will take home a bag with the ACES logo, several souvenirs from the experiments, a Certificate of Participation (with a list of practiced skills), and a lab notebook containing activities and take-home instructions!

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