Here's just a small sampling of the awesome experiments the participants might do at the ACES program!

Candy chromatography

What are the color components in the dye of M&M's? Find out with chromatography! Kids take home a colorful souvenir!


DNA Extraction

What does DNA look like? Do vegetables and fruit have DNA? Do different organisms have different amounts of DNA? Find out the answers to these questions and more at our DNA extraction experiment!


Electroplating coins

Turn pennies to gold and brass with chemistry! Students will set up their very own plating station and coat coins in three different colored metals. Kids get to take home their coins as souvenirs!

Be a superhero with chemistry!

Learn to rip cans in half like the Hulk, make a stretchy polymer like Mr. Stretch, and use an endothermic reaction to be like Mr. Freeze! Students will be able to take home their stretchy polymer as a souvenir!