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ACES Program - Spring 2018

The Spring 2018 ACES program took place on May 19th, 2018! Experiments included:

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream - An ultra-cold treat, ultra fast!

Extracting DNA from Spinach - Use detergents to separate DNA from blended spinach!

Chemiluminescence in the Kitchen - Use a chemical reaction to produce light!

Making Batteries with Food - Test different fruits to see which of them conduct electricity!

Chromatography of Colors - Use separation techniques to create a rainbow!

Goofy Putty - A fun activity with Dow chemists


Kids took home a bag with the ACES logo, several souvenirs from the experiments, a Certificate of Participation (with a list of practiced skills), and a lab notebook containing activities and take-home instructions!

Exciting demonstrations took at the start and closing of the program. Watch a demo video below!

Whoosh bottles! - Spring 2018 Demo


Later Event: October 13
ACES Program - Fall 2018